5000/90 | Strip packaging vertical machine


Vertical, four-side sealing/pouching machine designed for packing tablets, capsules and effervescent tablets. 
The machine speed is up to 250 cycles/min for up to 2 product rows.
Suitable for all heat-sealable films such as cellophane, aluminum, coated paper and laminates, plus all combinations of these materials.  The machine is designed in compliance with GMP regulations. All format parts are realized for an easy and quick change over. Its compact design and complete machine accessibility allow easy maintenance and cleaning operations.
Packaging material is fed from two reels by a film unwinding unit, directly into the sealing station. The machine is equipped with an easy temperature and pressure setting unit. 
Additional standard components and optional devices are available: longitudinal and cross perforation, easy opening slot, hole punching station, coding (embossing ink-jet or flexo printer), print mark centering control, product-in-pouch control, 2-3 ways chute etc.




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