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10 May 2016
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10 May 2016
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Automatic machine for cap application

CAM has developed a machine for the automatic application of the caps whose irregular shape enforces manual execution with feeding from tray.

Unlike canuale and rings, whose regular shape allows automatic feed by classic vibration unscrambler systems, the irregular, aesthetically fragile caps are usually applied manually.
The new CAM machine is characterized by a pick-and-place with single or multiple pick-off head, capable to take the caps directly from the tray and to apply them onto the bottles on outfeed from the canula application station.

The machine is provided with a tray magazine, which automatically positions full trays under pick-off area and empty trays in a dedicated area.
The entire operation is therefore carried out without interruption.
Furthermore, the flexibility characteristics of this pick and place makes it possible for many operations, usually requiring the help of operators, to be carried out in automatic mode, e.g. bottle transfer from godet to conveyor belt.
Recently, this pick-and-place has been used to realize a system for marking on the bottom of the bottle with subsequent detection by videocamera.