MS | Rotary continuous motion bottle cleaning machine with blowing/suction system


A blowing machine which reaches a production speed up to 30.000 bottles/hour.
Bottles, synchronized by a timing scroll, are picked-up by a series of mechanical grippers, assembled onto a continuous motion rotary turret, which, by turning them upside-down, allows the blowing nozzles to be inserted into the bottles from below, with the consequent centering of the suction devices onto the bottle necks. Each nozzle releases air at high pressure (4 atms. with PALL filtering at 0.2 microns) which removes every particle from the internal sides of the bottle allowing, along with the simultaneous action of the suction devices, immediate elimination to be achieved. 
The extremely compact dimensions, rationality and simple construction of this machine allow inspection and cleaning to be carried-out with ease.






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