SMV | Vertical case-packer for shipping cases


A vertical case-packing machine for the packaging of  bottles, envelopes and sachets. 
The separation between mechanical parts and the packaging area guarantees a total control and easy cleaning in full conformity with the GMP norms. The products are accumulated and if necessary put in layers, based on an electronical memory program. The products picking and inserting unit has been designed with the aid of "brushless" motors which allow for higher speed of packaging and guarantee higher stability of the products.
The closing of the cartons can be done by glue tape or with the application of hot melt or cold glue. The " SMV " case-packer can be equipped with secondary equipment and options of: magazine for longer cartons, device to label with overlapping tape on all the surface, marking of cartons, label applicator, printing of labels etc.
The " SMV " is equipped with the Mechanical Memory® system which reduces the changeover time using a series of rapid and pre-determined data, thus eliminating the need for fine tuning.






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