PG | Intermittent motion horizontal cartoner for large size products


The horizontal intermittent motion PG is designed to handle and pack large products. Carton erection is carried-out by means of an articulated twin blade inserted into the carton ensuring positive pre-breaking, allows low grammage board to be used even when handling square-section formats or cartons with gluing and creasing imperfections.
Perfect product introduction (even for products with irregular shape/dimensions) is guaranteed by the insertion of the moveable mouthpiece inside the carton. Products are also prevented from straying out of the carton by the action of the spring-loaded guides which automatically close during the return stroke of the pusher.
The PG cartoner can be equipped with a complete range of product feeding systems and additional units, such as: coders, leaflet and booklet feeders, detection and reject devices, etc. The PG is also equipped with the Mechanical Memory®' system, transforming complete size change-over into a series of rapid and pre-set operations, eliminating the need for fine-tuning adjustments.






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