2 April 2024


November 03 – 06, 2024McCormick Place, Chicago, IL PACK EXPO International, the most comprehensive packaging trade show, is back in Chicago. Shop the latest packaging technology and get hands-on experience with the equipment.         Follow us on  Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin     
13 July 2022


October 23 – 26, 2022McCormick Place, Chicago, IL PACK EXPO International, the most comprehensive packaging trade show, is back in Chicago. Shop the latest packaging technology and get hands-on experience with the equipment.         Follow us on  Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin     
28 May 2021

Let’s MEET at ACHEMA PULSE – on line All June – live 15 – 16 June

On 15 and 16 June 2021 CAM will take part in ACHEMA PLUS, a virtual event by ACHEMA, while the usual offline exhibition will be postponed till 2022. Users can easily get free access to the event by using our pages on the social network.   Follow us on  Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin     
28 May 2021

Product CONTROL Retinae System for PARTENA blister packers

New vision system for Partena blister machines PARTENA has widened the range of vision systems for the products’ control on its blister machines, by adding Retinae systems to the family of standard features available. Two Retinae systems are available for Partena blister machines, one is Isoblister, which performs product control, and Isoprint, for the OCV/OCR control. Isoblister, which includes camera and software, guarantees all standard controls usually installed on blister machines: product control, colour control, spots presence detection, fragment presence control, regardless of the type of film used as forming material, without any difficulty in detecting a white product  on white film. In addition, it also performs components’ control for vials, bottles and syringes. One of the main advantages of the isoblister system is that it is absolutely user-friendly, which is a highly regarded characteristic nowadays. Isoprint is a OCV/OCR module, made of three tv and a dome which check the rows of the film and perform a print-control as follows: The characteristics of the printed area are always identical and correct. Variable data (in case of track and trace data for example) are tracked correctly Logos or names (an artwork) are correct The Retinae systems comply with FDA regulation, the set of norms ruling the process of tracing and tracking products and quality issues in order to avoid any dangerous consequence. The basic mandatory requirements of these rules are: Tracing and registering any new set and modification of the system Detecting the author of a modification to the system Guaranteeing the quality and the incorruptibility of the data recorded Correctly setting the profiles of the users, allowing complete access, partial access to the system modificatoin, or “user” access, in order to correctly manage the tasks an dresponsability of the staff involved in the process. Control systems that are more and more sofisticated in order to guarantee safety and the utmosy quality of the products. Follow us on  Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin     
28 May 2021

Artist for a Day at the latest Interpack, the industry’s reference fair

The pandemic has tought us how we need to ridesign our future, and we all must do that! Today we look back at the last exhibition CAM attended, displaying news, machines and complex managment systems, opening the doors to art, by creating inclusive scenography for the public. This environment created at our stand during the last Interpack event, a reference point for this sector, highlighted the importance of collective partecipation, and it underlines how close we are to our customers, in particular from the project point of view. Our flexibility allows us to create customised solutions, which are increasingly regarded as fundamental in the main national markets for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food packaging sector.   Follow us on  Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin     
12 March 2021

One of CAM top clients, Zambon, keeps trusting CAM automatic machines’ high quality

Recently CAM has delivered to a very important customer, Zambon, the thermoforming machine, “nMX” model, provided with the new “SLP” cutting unit. Both the machine and the new SLP cutting unit have been designed and manufactured by Partena, CAM manufacturer, and leader into the manufacturing of thermoforming machines for the pharmaceutical market. We are very proud as this has confirmed the client’s fidelity with regards to us and our packaging machines and lines. “SLP” cutting unit can be installed both in the primary and in the secondary area, according to the customer’s needs. In this specific case Zambon chose to install SLP Group in the secondary area, giving priority to the primary area space as the blistering machine is much shorter without the SLP Cutting unit. SLP cutting unit sends to the cartoning machine just the compliant blisters, selecting both the empty or incomplete blisters inside appropriate boxes, before the blisters get put on the conveyor belts towards the cartoning machine.   Follow us on  Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin     
26 February 2021


Today, we are pleased to introduce you CAM new complete packaging line for cigars, that includes two of our best performing machines: PMM and RB. These two machines CAM is very proud of, represent CAM complete packaging line of automatic machines for cigars packs into trays and sleeves with over wrapping. PMM intermittent motion horizontal cartoner,  in this specific case, is equipped with V350/2 tray feeder andnewT485 cigar feeder, makesproduct presence check, sleeve erection and product in tray insertion.   RB Intermittent motion over wrapper with tear tape and belt sealing carries out the final part of the packaging process.  The whole process includes the following steps: Cigars can be fed by the new T485 cigar loading and feeding device. Cigars are accumulated, channelled and grouped into various collations. The cigar collations are fed into the trays, which are formed from flat blanks from a magazine. The trays are inserted into pre-glued and formed sleeves by a customised PMM intermittent cartoning machine. On-line printing device. The carton sleeves are individually over wrapped with an envelope seal and tear tape for easy opening by a RB intermittent over-wrapping machine with belt sealing. The HIGHLIGHTS of the process are the following ones: The cartoner is fed by the new T485 cigar loader, which allows the accurate adjustment of the cigar accumulation and channeling, thanks to separate and independent motors. The channeling of the cigars are with carbon fibre guides and guarantee the and guarantee the relevant friction.  The two pushers work in pairs but can also work individually. The dedicated and format dependent buckets can be quickly changed and attached. Special sleeve carton erection system. Camera vision system verification of complete product before tray closure and introduction into sleeve.     Follow us on  Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin     
12 February 2021


 This is D100, CAM continuous motion filling machine for pharmaceutical powder to fill in glass bottles, built a few years ago. The following features have been highly improved: –       High dosing precision. –       The glass bottles get filled just through a single dosing phase. –       36 funnels have been implemented on the carousel and put on two circumferences. One is more external and the other one is more internal. The first nozzle fills the bottles that are on the external circumference, while the second nozzle fills the bottles on the internal circumference. –      Double dosing head. Furthermore, the height adjustment of the central carousel and of the dosing groups are made straight from the operator panel. Follow us on  Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin     
20 January 2021

LR105: the new high speed rotary labeller for syringe cartridges

This is LR105, CAM new high speed rotary labeller for syringe cartridges.       The main features of  LR105 are: Production speed, that can reach up to 600 products per minute. Insertion of a plastic path to avoid the direct contact of the product with metal parts during the whole machine process. Transport system by means of grippers that guarantees the complete integrity of the product and the label. Product integrity control systems and correct label application control system, with character recognition and cap color verification: the cartridges with wrong coloured cap will not be labeled and will be rejected. Follow us on  Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin     
26 December 2020


We all know this Christmas is going to be different for everybody. CAM has been celebrating Christmas time  for many years arranging parties and dinners with the employees in Italy. 2020 has been a challenge but Christmas is Christmas and we will celebrate anyway. A problem solving attitude is always the best way to get through any situation 😊. CELEBRATING HOW? It’s a “safe aperitif” for two people, in order for each of our employees to have the chance to celebrate “with CAM“, even if there won’t be any actual party. We created a Christmas box as a gift for each employee to unpack. Each box includes 2 little packages of chips, 1 bottle of local white wine, 2 little packages of Parmigiano Reggiano, one olives jar and two CAM anti covid-19 masks.  Safety comes first. The employees will celebrate Christmas with whoever they like. It could be another employee within our company, a friend or a family member. We customised the packages of chips thanks to a new partnership built with Festapersonalizzata.it.  On the front side of the packages there is a popular game, WORD SEARCH, we used to underline the words “aperitif, Marry Christmas and CAM”. On the back side we listed all the “ingredients” CAM uses to be a winning company. CALORIES NOT FOUND! The Pignoletto sparkling white wine has been produced by Il Monticino, a local wine company. We chose Parmigiano Reggiano as it is one of the best Italian food products in the world and it is perfect for a good aperitif to have. The olives jars have been produced by Il Botaccio. We built a partnership with this company due to the guaranteed high quality of their products. Last but not least, we designed other new CAM anti covid-19 masks for the occasion. If you want to order them, just contact us and we will give you more details. The blue straw has been produced by using recycled paper. We like acting eco-friendly.   CAM wishes you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR  🥂🎊       Follow us on  Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin     
22 December 2020


Antoniano Institute’s main goal for 2020 Christmas time, has been to collect money, by contacting several companies and citizens in Bologna and offering them gadgets, in order to be able to provide 1,000 meals for the people who live in conditions of exclusion and poverty and who need help. CAM decided to support Antoniano Institute’s project, without keeping the gadgets and leaving them to the Institute, and made a donation in order to cover 1,200 meals    It’s been a very tough year for everybody and, as a big company, we wanted to support such a good cause as we did in the past as well. Also, we received a very nice and moving letter from the priest who takes care of the cause, that made us so happy. He spent lovely and joyful words for us and we definitely felt , even more, like we did the right thing.             We invite you all to do the same if you can. Even a little gesture, a little contribution, will make a great difference for those people and will make you feel better. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and, hopefully, a great happy New Year.     Follow us on  Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin     
9 December 2020


CAM has a creative side as well. This board has been painted by a local Italian artist. It’s inside one of our offices and shows both our company’s history and main features. All CAM machines have always been designed and MADE IN ITALY. The painted red and blu rosette represents a logo that certifies CAM quality. CAM was founded by Antonio Martelli in 1949 and, since, it has been providing  complete automatic packaging machines and lines. CAM was founded in Bologna. That’s why our 2 main towers, Asinelli tower and Garisenda tower, were painted on our board. They are one the most important monuments of the city. This is NMX, one of our packaging machines, painted in a creative way. CAM provides blister and strip packaging machines; filling and capping machines for liquid , creams, powders and granulates; tray-forming and cartoning machines; wrapping and bundling machines; case-packing and palletising machines. The time line shows CAM has been selling more than 22.000 machines. Also, CAM provides complete packaging lines for all the industrial sectors, mainly the pharmaceutical sector, the food sector and the cosmetic sector. CAM has a network of companies and each one is specialised for each type of created machines. Furthermore, CAM has a network of sales departments that provide an excellent customer service to our clients all over the world. In 1949 CAM sold its first automatic machine. Our machines have been standing out in terms of quality and length of time for 71 years. This is our core, confirmed by our clients as well. We have always been thinking globally and acting locally, which means we have been guaranteeing a persistent strong care and service to all our clients all over the world. Follow us on  Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/campackaging/), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/campackaging/) and Linkedin (CAMpackaging).     
19 November 2020


      Cam has been able to use the 502H group extreme flexibility, as the machinery has been utilised for the first time also as a cigar feeder to pack wrapped cigars, instead of being used to fill vials as usual. Thanks to the viewing system (CAMERA), the machinery guarantees a product correct quantity detection and product insertion, as in the correct number of cigars inside each carton and the carton conformity itself. The machine packs 40/50 cartons per minute.  Follow us on  Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/campackaging/), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/campackaging/) and Linkedin (CAMpackaging).