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10 May 2016
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10 May 2016
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Packaging line for cream in jar and packing in carton

The line is composed of a filling machine model LF and a cartoning machine model AV.
The main characteristic of the filling machine is a considerable flexibility in terms of types of cream and jar.

This LF is capable to pack types of cream of differing density, including “wax-similar” creams, for which insulation has been prearranged from the tank up to the dosing nozzle.
The jars can be made out of glass or plastic, cylindrical or flared shaped. Before filling, the jars are cleaned in the first station of the machine, which is provided with a blowing and aspiration unit to eliminate dust and residua. The filling procedure takes place by twin, adjustable stroke nozzle to ensure a uniform lay-down of the cream without bubbles.
The cap liner application station is provided with an automatic, high autonomy feeding system. The cap application completes the process.
Special care has been taken over the motion systems of each component in order to
guarantee the aesthetic integrity through all phases of the process.
A cartoner model AV is foreseen in line with the LF, in a special configuration for automatic feeding of fluted liner, leaflet, jar and sample bag; tuck-in closure style carton with safety glue dots on lower flaps.
Other than machines for filling and cartoning, CAM is in position to provide complete lines, including wrapping, end-of-line machines and palletizers.
The jars are always maintained in vertical position through the entire packing process.