Product CONTROL Retinae System for PARTENA blister packers

New vision system for Partena blister machines

PARTENA has widened the range of vision systems for the products’ control on its blister machines, by adding Retinae systems to the family of standard features available.

Two Retinae systems are available for Partena blister machines, one is Isoblister, which performs product control, and Isoprint, for the OCV/OCR control.

Isoblister, which includes camera and software, guarantees all standard controls usually installed on blister machines: product control, colour control, spots presence detection, fragment presence control, regardless of the type of film used as forming material, without any difficulty in detecting a white product  on white film. In addition, it also performs components’ control for vials, bottles and syringes. One of the main advantages of the isoblister system is that it is absolutely user-friendly, which is a highly regarded characteristic nowadays.

Isoprint is a OCV/OCR module, made of three tv and a dome which check the rows of the film and perform a print-control as follows:

  • The characteristics of the printed area are always identical and correct.
  • Variable data (in case of track and trace data for example) are tracked correctly
  • Logos or names (an artwork) are correct

The Retinae systems comply with FDA regulation, the set of norms ruling the process of tracing and tracking products and quality issues in order to avoid any dangerous consequence. The basic mandatory requirements of these rules are:

  • Tracing and registering any new set and modification of the system
  • Detecting the author of a modification to the system
  • Guaranteeing the quality and the incorruptibility of the data recorded
  • Correctly setting the profiles of the users, allowing complete access, partial access to the system modificatoin, or “user” access, in order to correctly manage the tasks an dresponsability of the staff involved in the process.

Control systems that are more and more sofisticated in order to guarantee safety and the utmosy quality of the products.

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