LL – TA – Jar filling and capping line
9 May 2016
NTW 300 ML – Intermittent motion wrap-around case-packer
10 May 2016
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SMV – ZP1 – CAM end-of-line equipment

CAM has recently supplied an end-of-line equipment composed of a casepacker and palletizer, installed downstream to the existing blister packer handling Rennie tablets.

The vertical casepacker model SMV has a twin feeder with suction cup pickoff (or gripper pickoff when handling bundles of substantial weight and dimensions). To guarantee maximum flexibility of bundle composition and format, the pick and place system can feed products in-line or turned by 90°. A labeller is installed in the infeed area, to apply a label to each bundle.
The palletizer model ZP1 has a magazine with a capacity of up to 10 pallets. The machine’s incorporated elevation system, allows to handle single pallets or two stacked half-pallets.

A labeller applies a label on two sides of the case. The labeller support is track-guided and can be removed to make maintenance easier. The machine is also equipped with a second motorised accumulation belt, where the pick-off head positions and holds the cases while waiting for the arrival of a new pallet.