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10 May 2016
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10 May 2016
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TTS at Korea Pharm

CAM attended the recent edition of Korea Pharm showing TTS, their solution for track-and-trace, at Jekson’s stand.

Jekson are a leader Company for the supply of Industrial vision systems, notably in India where they hold the major share of the market.
The visitors of the Exposition expressed great interest towards dedicated solutions to traceability. The southern Korea is a market of strategic interest for the suppliers of vision systems, as all manufacturers in the pharmaceutical field will have to guarantee full traceability of their products within 2013.
CAM solution for traceability is a competitive and versatile system allowing to implement all coding systems (inkjet and laser) and vision systems, most overspread on the market. CAM solutions also allow to implement the label application system on the main face of the carton and the tamper evident application unit on both closures.

The system operates with fully positive carton transfer, thus guaranteeing high quality of printing and high accuracy even at high speed rates; this makes the difference compared to the competitor’s solutions.

The operator panel is provided with a software that guarantees a simple integration with the various devices fitted on the station or on other machines completing the line.
TTS can be easily retrofitted on lines already in production.