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3 October 2016
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28 November 2016
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nRT – Intermittent motion overwrapper

Cam has recently realized an over wrapper an overwrapper with belt sealing designed for large format irregular-shaped food products, with production speed up to 80 products/minute.

The customer, based upon numerous years of experience as well as internal testing, has asked CAM to design a double wrapping , with two films spliced together directly in the unwinding phase, in order to obtain an increased protection compared to a standard single-film wrapping.
Furthermore, the customer has requested a high-quality wrapping in spite of the product’s doughy and pasty nature, and presence of dried fruit in the product making it irregular-shaped.
To satisfy this request, CAM has designed an overwrapping unit adaptable to the dimensions of the product upon entrance, equipped with a locking system for the two films wrapping the product in order to compensate their irregularity.
The lower sealing system upon translation, that guarantees a homogenous sealing quality on the entire surface of the product, and the related sealing plate detachment from product upon machine stoppage, has been designed to guarantee the perfect integrity of a heat-sensitive product even in machine standby conditions.
Finally, the lateral film folding unit has been designed for optimal quality in spite of the aforementioned irregular nature of the product.