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13 April 2018
CAM Depacking machine, MD model
27 April 2018
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Object: a single operator

A CAM customer, a coffee manufacturer, intended to control a complete line for the production of 1kg coffee bags by a single operator.


The problem was to organize the material flow allowing time to feed the packaging into the machines of the line and have the products reach the outfeed, performing every operation with a single operator.

The solution was to provide a palletizer with a higher production output, featuring a buffer able to contain the outfeed material, while the operator feeds the other machines.

The above object has been solved with the palletizer CAM ZP EASY, whose automatic feeding for empty pallets can contain up to 10 pallets and which features a buffer for full pallets able to absorb 5 pallets on outfeed without the intervention of the operator.

The buffer is provided with motor-driven belts, i.e. with positive transfer, for a reliable and correct transfer of the pallets in sequence without relying on inertia.

ZP EASY is an extremely sturdy and versatile palletizer, which is able to produce pallets reaching a height of up to 2 m.