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19 April 2018
High speed blister packing machine for packing syringes in tray
11 May 2018
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CAM Depacking machine, MD model

CAM has recently supplied a bottle depacking machine, “MD” model, to a leading German company, specialized in organic health products.



This machine is suitable to process bundles of glass bottles wrapped in shrink-plastic material.

The machine completely removes the plastic film, which wraps the bottles, by cutting the bundle on the sides and on the front part. The film is then removed by a mechanical gripper, thus ensuring a correct removal and ejection of the film.

The machine featured a descending vertical laminar flow hood with HEPA H14 absolute filter to protect the product within the work environment against potentially contaminated air.

The bundle is cut by knives, which have been conceived in such a way to prevent from damaging the bottles, in compliance with the explosion-proof requirements of the bottles, and to easily absorb the bundle dimensional variations due to the dimensional tolerance of the individual bottle.

The bundle handling unit has been designed to ensure a more effective cleaning and reduce the maintenance times.

The depacking machine has been included in a complete line for bottles with a production output of up to 180 bottles/minute. HV, the high speed horizontal case-packer by CAM, is the heart of the secondary packaging of the line.