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19 April 2019
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Partena and “Vinci” together for the sake of the young

On March 1 this year, at the “Leonardo da Vinci” technical institute, in the presence of head Marcello Miselli, of professor Maican and of some of the students of the 5th class in the Mechanics course, a ceremony was held to thank Partena s.p.a., based in Carpi (CAM group) a leading company in the field of blister machines for the packaging of pharmaceuticals.

“In the frame of the school and work programme, the 4th and 5th classes take a program introducing
them to the company for several days, and during this period the students gain wider knowledge, thus
having an advantage in terms of specific training, which is beneficial to both students and the companies.
In these almost 20 years – say the teachers of the

course in Mechanics and Mechatronics engineer Bruno Pisani and professor Giuseppe Di Bianco – we have got to know many people inside the company, in particular Paolo Spaggiari (Head of the Technical Dept.) and the Heads of assembly and testing units, Gianluca Guberti and Raffaele Zago.


For many years already these professionals have been supporting and guiding several of our students through their path of joint work and study program and, besides sharing technical and professional skills, they transfer all their passion and enthusiasm for their job.
And this is their idea, which means also helping teachers and students concretely by donating an SMC electro-pneumatic board to the school.

This equipment improves the level of the Systems and Automation laboratory, now equipped in a similar way to the one inside the company; thus, the students can simulate in the most realistic way the

reality of Automation”. The “Leonardo da Vinci” institute, as a sign of gratitude, donated a commemorative plate to the company, and a second one has been placed by syde of the equipment received.

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