Partena and “Vinci” together for the sake of the young
3 April 2019
Filling and capping line
21 May 2019
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Argo revives with more than a respectful eye

Argo vision System by CAM “looks” into the package:

A product integrity control of opaque packs (ALU/ALU blisters, sachet etc.) in line type, non-destructive and suitable for high speed production.



It is suitable for integration with check-weighing systems, detecting the “false good” products (cracked tablets, broken vials etc.), which are usually skipped by traditional vision systems

Relentless: because the giant in the myth himself was relentless

*ARGO (gr. αργό…), a monster of the Greek Mythology, gigantic and and with one, or four or a hundred eyes –according to the various versions of his story- which he never closed completely, thus being constantly awake. ERA, the goddess, gave him the task of guarding Nymph IO, with which Zeus was in love.

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