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2 November 2018
HV/2 High speed continuous motion horizontal cartoner for sticks
16 November 2018
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Triple belt

Cam has recently released a cartoning machine for packaging disposable Finger sticks. The peculiarity of this machine lies in the bucket chain which consists of three raws of buckets having independent movement controlled by brushless servomotors.

This solution guarantees the utmost flexibility, thanks to the separation between the stage of the feeding of the products -which are coming from the upstream packer machine- from the stage of the insertion of the products into cartons on the downstream machine, as these two operations are carried out in an autonomous way and in different phases.

This technical solution facilitates the dynamic of the products’ transferring from one machine to an other, infact while two conveyors are loading and downloading the products, the third one is ready to start operation, allowing smooth machine operativity.

The drives’ group and the electronic control circuits belonging to the triple belt are integrated in the cartoner machine structure and do not require additional space.

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