AQUABAG CAM, sponsor of EXPO Zaragoza 2008, presents AQUABAG
10 May 2016
HV/1 – G35 – SMP – Two special lines for packaging of perfume samples recently supplied
10 May 2016
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nMX – K0 – ASB38 – High speed blister line supplied

The line provided lends itself to the production of blisters for either flat or convex tablets, plus leaflet in a tuckin closure carton. It has been tested at an output speed of 600 cartons/min running with one blister.

Due to the high speed of production, the “K0” machine is equipped with two GUK FA21/4 SVA CARTONAC 91 Folding units (starting from flat sheet leaflets).
Main features of the K0 cartoner are:

  •  High production speed;
  •  High flexibility and production quality;
  •  Easy cleaning and inspection, due to the cantilever structure;
  •  Reduced overall dimensions.

The patented carton erection system guarantees a positive opening of the carton –by means of 5 arms– during rotation of the drum.
The introduction of the blister is fully controlled by using upper blades installed on the pushers and a perfect alignment between the bucket and the carton.
The easy and quick change-over time is also allowed by our patented mechanical memory system which reduces size

change-over into a series of preset operations.
The cartons are stacked, collated in different presentations and wrapped with heat-shrinkable polyethylene film with our Bundler/Stretchbander “ASB38”.
The machine is equipped with the “TRM38” heat-shrink unit that, by means of hot-air blowers, shrinks the material around the bundle at a speed of 30 bundles/minute.